Feature request: option to delete custom_ui cache

It would be awesome if iOS app could have a way of flushing out cached data like custom_ui html files, icons, images, etc. Now there is no way of doing it (clearing Safari data is out of the question as it clears out browsing history from all your devices connected to iCloud account).

Agreed. An interim solution I have found is to rename the custom_ui files. I’ve appended a version suffix that changes each time I update.

I’ve taken to developing the ui in a desktop browser, then do a final rename and refresh on the iOS side. That has worked about 90% of the time.


Good tip, did the same and works like a charm. Thanks.

Agreed, we really need this because I’m finding updates made to custom ui tiles are failing on the iOS app because the cache can’t be cleared.

Indeed! I’ve factory-reset the iPad Simulator (with Xcode) and the Custom UI still doesn’t work even though the “new” iPad is considered as a new device, not the same “iPad” I was using prior factory-resetting it.

Same behaviour with my actual iPhone (not a simulator).

@andrewjfreyer : Do you mean renaming both .js and .js.gz files? I’m having problem with the mini-media-player custom UI.