Feature request Steca & Gardena smart system


I have two feature request for Hass.io component.

  1. Is for solar panel. Inverter name Steca. They have a online portal:

  2. Gardena Smart system (automatic irrigation for your garden). The products is running on z-wave but not supported in Hass as far as I know.

I’ve created a custom component for gardena, read more in this thread: Gardena smart system + Home assistant?

Devices aren’t z-wave but require the gardena hub. Using my component would be very easy.
Hmm, on a second thought, it does support the lawn mower, the sensor, the smart water control but not yet the multichannel irrigation controller (since I don’t own the device).

I am only getting Component not found: gardena, when trying out your component @wijnandtop

@wijnandtop ?

I know it is an old post but I get integration not found: gardena in 0.97. Had it running in an older version, but had to start from scratch.
What am I doing wrong?