Feature Request - Thread & Matter (ESP32-H2)

The ESP32-H2 will be able to communicate over thread or zigbee instead of wifi.

This component is expected to be available for sale end of this year, maybe early next year.
It would be great if we can then build our own thread devices, and either leverage the lower power consumption for battery powered devices or spread them across the home as routers, to kick off our thread usage with a good mesh coverage.


Log a feature request over on GitHub if you haven’t already:

Ah, is that where they are. Looks like there already is one.

It just arrived at my place, the ESP32-H2-DevKitM-1-N4. Any progress? Since I can do Matter/Thread with my Sonoff Bridge in HA (and Apple TV 4K + Phiips HUE v2.1 bridge as Matter backup)?