Feed temperature to Satel Integra alarm system

I have:

  • Satel Integra 64, ETHM-1 Plus, and INT-TSG2 keypad
  • Home Assistant
  • Vaillant heating system
  • Other automation (Grenton for cables, Velux ioHomecontrol, Fibaro for minor things) - this is rather irrelevant

I would like to display the external temperature on the screen of the keypad, which is in a perfect location - by the main door.

In the configuration of the keypad, it is possible to add a temperature widget and link it to a selected input. However, I have a problem with the rest of the integration, i.e., how to send the temperature information from HA (I have it from the Vaillant sensor) to the Satel alarm system.

I am thinking of, for example, creating a virtual input and somehow making it work that way, but I am stuck on choosing the type of input - nothing really fits.

Is this even doable? Can Satel consume other values rather than boolean ones?