Feedback for new construction comprehensive installation

We (39M, 39F, 7M, 4M) are building a new home and want to provide automation from the start.

One primary goal is for each system to be independent. While I want everything accessible in HA, I also want to keep it simple if things go down.

At this stage, I’d love to get some feedback on my choice of devices to hopefully avoid some pitfalls down the road.


  • ~120 Loads
  • Goals
    • Control lights from HA
    • Utilize keypads to trigger other automation events, primarily music
  • Purposed Solution - Lutron Homeworks QSX with Sunnata hybrid keypads & dimmers
    • HA Lutron Caseta integration allows for control of lights
    • Catching keypad presses such as double-tap and long hold may be difficult


  • ~80 Shades
  • Goals
    • Control shades from HA
  • Purposed Solution - Lutron Homeworks QSX with Sivoia shades
    • HA Lutron Caseta integration allows for control of shades

Audio (This is my area of greatest concern).

  • ~40 Zones
  • Goals
    • Play 2-3 sources including Spotify, AirPlay, and Alexa
    • Control source and volume from keypads
    • More advanced zone & source control from HA
  • Purposed Solution
    • Matrix: Pulse-Eight ProAudio 3248
      • Lack of HA integration. However, the protocol is well documented. I hoep to expand the Xantech Multi-Zone Amp integration to include this product.
    • Amplifiers: Parasound - These are likely kept on, so I don’t see the need for HA integration.
    • WiiM Pro (2x) - Allows Spotify, Airplay, and Alexa sources
    • Backhaul TV audio via Pulse-Eight Digital Audio over Cat6 Extender


  • ~10 Cameras & door bells
  • Goals
    • NVR to record feeds
    • Cameras accessible via HA
  • Purposed Solution - Ubiquiti
    • UniFi Protect integration appears to provide support


  • Hardwired door & motion sensors
  • Goals
    • Independent alarm system
    • Detect armed state, perhaps motion detectors
  • Purposed Solution - Honeywell Vista with Envisalink


  • 60+ drops
  • Goals
    • 2.5GbE PoE everywhere
    • 10GbE where needed
    • Wifi coverage
  • Purposed Solution - Ubiquiti stack

I’d sincerely appreciate any feedback. At this point, it is easy to make changes.

I think you missed heating/cooling.

Great point!

We plan to have a Carrier Infinity system that appears to have integration support.

We also plan to have a radiant heat system. That will likely be Honeywell thermostats.

You may want to look into a Smart Electrical Panel to monitor energy use. Always easier to install during the construction.