Feedback on All-In-One Sensor with PoE

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I wanted to share a project I’ve been working on. I wanted to gather some sensor data (temperature+Humidity+CO2+light+Presence), but I wanted to make it look nice and clean and I couldn’t find anything that suits me (I didn’t want to have cables everywhere). So I decided to put this project together with uses the Olimex ESP32 PoE for power and network connectivity as well as the BH1750 (for light) and SCD40 (for temp, humidity, CO2) as well as HLK-LD2410C (for presence) snuck nicely in a ceiling mount (I used the Aeotec Recessor). All I need is a PoE cable into the ceiling that will give me power and network connectivity. I don’t even need to rely on Wifi :wink: I have the Olimex hidden in the ceiling as well and all you see is the recessor. (I’m pretty happy with the design so far, but I’d love to make it even cleaner)… Any suggestions how would be much appreciated… Are there any other recessors that look a bit more snug to the ceiling?

I 3D printed a case that I can fit snug into the Aeotec Recessor and it is integrated with ESPHome.

So far my testing has been pretty good and the readings seem to be very accurate. The calibration/configuration of the LD2410C is a bit fiddly, but once its setup for the space, it works well.

I’m planning to have plenty of these around the house (like at least 20 or so after I put ethernet cables everywhere I need). Is there anything I can optimize? What can I do better? What problems will I run into in the future? Any feedback would be much appreciated…

All the files are in Github at abaumhof/aiosensor (

(I would have loved to share more photos here, but somehow a newbie like me isn’t allowed to add more than one image :wink: There are more photos in the github…


That looks like a retail product. Good job! Other than putting it in a flatter frame I don’t think it can get much better.

Are you using radar for presence detection? What about making and selling some?

Assuming you have self heating under control, the only issue I see is that I don’t want to know the temperature of my ceiling.

I actually put a temperature sensor in one of my hard wired PIRs which is mounted near the ceiling. It is hopeless for telling the actual room temperature where people walk around.

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Haha… That is a really good point. I’ll need to take that into account… Thanks for your feedback !!!

I have one in the same position. I super insulated the back box (roof voids can get very hot) and lowered the sensor assembly slightly so an air gap. The room happens to have two other temperature and humidity sensors and I have ended up averaging all the readings (after calibrating them). There was a lot of variation depending on positions in the room. Who thought reading a temperature could be so complicated!

Your github repo seems to be no longer available. :cry:
I was thinking of doing something similair in my appartment… ok not 20 of them but around 10. did you run into any issues ?