Feedback on Phillips Hue Integration

I have several 6-inch RGBWW wafer lights in my soffits and ceiling. I’ve flashed some of them to ESPhome but they still don’t work well at all and now I’m having issues with some of the LEDs going out.
I’m ready to ditch all 40-ish of them and go a different route.

I came across Phillips Hue lights that seem like a good replacement. Does anyone use these? Do I need the Phillips Hue hub to connect them to HA? Any feedback good bad or ugly on the integration?

I need to rent a boom lift to get up to my soffit lights. I’ve already done it twice, if I do it again I want it to be the last time so I want to invest in good lights that I won’t regret.

I have 60+ Hue bulbs and they work well. They are on the expensive side and the outdoor products are cheaply made.

I eliminated my Hue hub and use a SONFF Zigbee P controller with MQTT2Zigbee and It works flawlessly.

I would explore the Sengled bulbs as well. I just bought several of their bulbs and am fairly impressed. They track energy usage as well.

Feel free to ask for additional details if needed?

Thanks for the feedback!

What kind of range do you get from the Sonoff Zigbee P Controller? My HA server is in my basement (centered near the middle of the home). I have a 2-story and would have Hue lights in my soffits outside. So, a light might be 60 feet from my HA server but also through two floors and several walls, including an exterior stucco wall

Unfortunately, I need a specific type of light. I need a 6-inch wafer light in some spots and a 6-inch can light in others. So, I need (prefer) a protocol that offers both types of lights and a RGBWW light. It looks like the Sengled bulbs don’t offer those types.