Feedreader for RSS 2.0 feeds


I have tried to use the new Feedreader component in 0.18.2 but when I used a URL which is a RSS 2.0 feed, HASS will not start (ie it breaks HASS). When I remove it from the config.yaml, HASS works as expected.

I am assuming it is due to the site being RSS 2.0

The site I used is http://www.fuelwatch.wa.gov.au/fuelwatch/fuelWatchRSS?Product=1&Suburb=Cloverdale&Surrounding=no

I guess there are 2 options if my diagnosis is correct:

  1. convert the feed to ATOM before use by HASS (which would ideally be done via some online parser I guess.

  2. have the Feedreader URL able to handle RSS 2.0 (which I appreciate may be tricky due to the less strict rules for RSS 2.0)

I looked for an online parser to convert the RSS 2.0 to Atom but have not managed to find one.

Any guidance?

https://feedburner.google.com can convert feeds, not sure how well.

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I could use some Feedreader help too. I used the URL from the Feedreader component section just to test it, and I get an error during the setup of the Feedreader setup, KeyError: ‘published_parsed’.

Same here,dont know how to fix it

Hi folks, I’m no expert of feeds so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fix/help with this. What I did to develop the component was just to wrap some HA code around feedparser Python library, and from what I understand from the docs, RSS 2.0 should also be supported too.

@phileep can you test the latest available version of feedparser is used from your HA?

@Marauder2, @vswraith can you provide some more context? i.e. paste the stack trace into some pastebin service?

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Here’s the error from the log file http://pastebin.com/bHQ1LXAN

Apparently there’s the need to add some more data validation in the component, we can’t assume that every entry object has published_parsed data available. I’ll come up with a fix soon, thanks for reporting this

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https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/1926 should fix the issue, please test if you can

Thanks,seems to work, but doesn’t show a card on the UI…is that normal?

Yes, not every component has a frontend counterpart, and feedreader, at least in my initial idea, is only supposed to work in the background and fetch data to be used to trigger automation actions, or by custom components. Out of curiosity, what would you like to see in the frontend?

@alexanderfortin How about the feed display for starters? I’d love to use this to show status from status.winkapp.com.

Or at least some method of viewing what is going on the dev tools; I can’t find this in states or services so I don’t know how to use it.

Sorry, I’m a real noob on the frontend side, can’t help much here, and I don’t have the need for anything feedreader related there so I’m afraid I will never follow up on this. But sounds like a good idea to me :wink:

Thank you very little. :wink:

@rpitera Did you ever manage to get a frontend component added for a feed?

I would think that given the data is simply a string that is part of the feedreader component, it should not be too hard.

Nope. I thought I saw a PR for some work on the RSS feeds but it appears to have died on the vine.