Feenom and cloudfare issue

This morning when I woke up, I noticed my home assistant url from Freenom is not working. I checked it on their site and all seems good. Same thing in Cloudfare. It s being working fine for 10 months with no issues. I also checked the cloudfare addon in HA and it s running and up to date as well.
Anyone is experiencing the same issue?

Yep. Mine has been down since yesterday afternoon, but I haven’t gotten around to trying to figure it out.

Wasn’t it closing free accounts?

Same here, two domains not working. Is it the end of free users, or just some maintenance! For now I’ve switched back to duckDns method as i have it already setup as a plan B for this kind of scenarios.

I’m also having an issue. Looking at my Cloudflare, it appeared to start around “midnight” last night. Both Cloudflare and Freenom report as active and presumably working? I don’t have time to dig into it just now, as I’m packing to go out of town. Oops.

Looks like Freenom is going away. They’re losing management of the .ga domains, which was what I was using.

All *.ga domains on “Freenom DNS” have fallen off for me too. The “ping” command does not show the IP address and “nslookup” command does not show the DNS server.

*.cf domains is work.

Mine stopped working at 1:00am on Sunday. Thank you guys all for your responses.

I posed a “fix” over here. I registered a new .com domain with Google and basically redid the parts of the linking that needed to be done. Seems stable now. It only took half an hour or so.