FEIT Electric BPA800/RGBW/AG/2 Smart WiFi Bulb (Tuya)

I just tried the latest tuya-convert and the new-api, neither worked on bulbs from costco in Dec 2020 with these markings:


Under the WiFi logo: 228-20-42


The bulb would go from fast flash to solid while the smartconfig was trying to work, but would ultimately fail.

I get a connection, but nothing else:
smarthack-wifi.log:wlan0: AP-STA-CONNECTED d4:a6:51:XX:XX:XX
smarthack-wifi.log:wlan0: AP-STA-DISCONNECTED d4:a6:51:XX:XX:XX

Probably going to return them…

How are you guys getting color control in the tasmota ui? I get brightness and warm-cool sliders only with the above templates.

I just purchased these and was able to download the tuyasmart app and set them up within that. I then used the home assistant tuya integration in order to get them to show up in HA. I then had to customize the light entity to change supported features to 63.

I’m now able to control full color on this bulb from HA. It’s not local but it is working.

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Glad it still works on tuya. My local costco out of stock so I ordered online and will be arrive soon.

Do yours still work for RGB? I got a bunch of these recently as well, they always worked with white with the cold/warm slider. At first the RGB did not work, but then for a few days it did, but then it went back to not working a few days later. I didn’t make any changes to the supported features though, this just happened on its own. I’ve tried changing the supported features to 63 with no luck on mine.

edit: I was not including my customizations.yaml into my main configuration.yaml. Works now!

Yes, mine work for RGB using the standard tuya integration:

I use the light-entity-card (Light Entity Card) to change them:


Only thing I changed beyond default was customization.yaml:

  supported_features: 63
  supported_features: 63

I just bought these from Costco for $10 a 2 pack. I was bummed that smart life said it wasn’t supported, so I downloaded the feit app, set it up, and kept looking for a feit integration. This post made me delete feit app and readd it to smart life. It stills says it isn’t supported, but it showed right up in HA. I checked the box “force color” and all is well with these bulbs. I definitely need to buy more. Now I just need a single R30 bulb!

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Update: After having successfully re-flashed few Feit Electric BPA800/RGBW/AG2 (first over serial and later using Tuya Convert) I bought another pair in Costco (California). January 2022.
The bulbs are labeled BPA800/RGBW/AG/2. Sadly I can only confirm that the design is different and doesn’t work with the OTA update and probably not with Tasmota at all.
I prefer not using the Tuya integration - assuming that to control my own bulb on my home network HA would have to talk through an API over the Internet(?) Please correct me if the integration does spoof the Tuya cloud locally - that would be a sweet alternative.
Probably going back to Costco.


Unfortunately it does not.
Ref: Tuya - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

I recall there were discussions on some 3rd party codes for “local tuya” maybe a couple of months ago.
So maybe someone else (who is using the “local tuya”) could help answer: Is that still working these days? Is that local API phasing out / is tuya closing the doors in the near future? Does that support everything that tuya’s cloud-based API would support? Do users still have to jump through the hoops?

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Troy, @tman75 were you using Tuya integration, or something else? I also was able to connect mine via Smart Life with full functionality, and it is discoverable with Tuya, though looking to add to HA preferably without having to use Tuya.

I am using the standard Tuya integration.