Feit Floodlight

Picked up Feit Floodlight from Costco the other day. Any idea how to integrate it to Home Assistant?


Either through the Tuya integration or perhaps trying Tuya Convert to bring it in as a Tasmota device I would imagine would be your options.
I’ve been looking at Feit devices at Costco, so I’m interested as well if they can be converted.

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Has anyone had success with these in home assistant? Either directly (using Tuya’s cloud presumably) or flashing with Tuya convert or some sort of bridge?
Costco has them again and they are very tempting at $99 USD for the double floodlight, motion sensor, and camera. But i don’t want ‘em if I can’t leverage them from Home Assistant.

Any updates?

Using Tuya I was able to integrate the cameras into HA

edit----Sorry Mine is a camera floodlight. I can also turn the light on and of in HA

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Hey there, I’m just beginning my Home Assistant experience - starting with Garage door and I have this exact piece (camera/floodlight). I can’t get Tuya app to recognize it. I reset the cam, but the Feit app uses a QR code to provide login details to the device.

How did you get the camera/light connected to the Tuya app?

In the tuya app go to

add device
add manually
cameras and lock
then find floodlight camera

Each line is a click on your phone. Hope this helps

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Wow…not sure how I missed that. I was under Lighting > PIR light…didn’t see the one under cameras and lock.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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