Fellow SQL Server (mssql) users


As we know SQL Server support has been dropped at version 2022.2 on recorder component. What you have decided to do? Have anyone done a fork for recorder to keep it running?

What about the ones who have decided to migrate to PostgreSQL? Any tips?

The problem is I have another SQL Server database where I’m loading daily new states for longer history. That db got 70 million rows currently. So in my case it is not just spinning up new db instance.


Anche a me servirebbe un fork

English only please.

Did you find a solution? So far I have maintained an alternate build of the Docker image that supported MS SQL, but now they have a check in the code to prohibit MS SQL usage.

Thinking about migrating to PostgreSQL, MariaDB or MySql …

Eventually installed PostgreSQL.

I let HA to automatically generate new database. Cleared it once more and then manually went trough the internal counters on the tables to match my data warehouse history. However now I have lost the data for multiple months. Being too lazy to figure out how to do SSIS package from PostgreSQL to MSSQL. Before this it was easy to compare and input data from operative db to long term db.