Fermenter tracking - need number input and state tracking

I have a complex config that I’m looking for an approach to implement.
I’m using HA to monitor fermenters in a brewery. For each tank I currently track the current temp and the set (desired) temp). I can track the temp over time using the custom mini-graph card and we can change the set temp using custom NumberBox card.
I have two features I’d to add.
One is the ability to change the set temp by typing in the temp vs clicking the +/-. (Sometimes there is a big change needed). Is there a card that allows changing a value through entry (vs clicking)

The second need is a way to track fermenter states. We’ve defined three states (In-Use, Dirty and Clean). I can track them in a dropdown helper. I would like a card to display the name of the fermenter and the current state. I would like the card to be clickable so I can call a script or automation to step to the next state.
I’m hoping there are cards (HACS is fine) that can help here. Or that I can maybe modify something that is close. Thanks!