Fertigation - Calculate and show fertilizers dosage according to growing stages

Hello, inspired by Led Gardener and with a huge help from @Didgeridrew, I was able to put together a simple template for fertigation in my HA dashboard. Here is what it looks like:
Screenshot 2022-07-24 at 15-15-43 Home – Home Assistant
I just need to give a date, and the main stages of grow will be auto-calculated according to the values I preset (but can be changed) in helpers:

The code and all the process can be found here.

Now, I would like to take one or two steps further.

Here is what I have in mind;

Grow Start Date dd/mm/yyyy
Days Passed xx
Veg Start Date (planned) dd/mm/yyyy
week 1 - no fert
week 2 - RJ 1-4ml/L dd/mm/yyyy
week 3 - FM 1ml/L dd/mm/yyyy
Flower Start Date (planned) dd/mm/yyyy
week 4 - BB 1ml/L + TM 1ml/L
week 7 - BB 3ml/L + TM 1ml/L + AV foliar dd/mm/yyyy

So, firstly I would like to add to this template the week number, according to the grow start date. I think I can do this, based in all I already have. But I would also like display the type and dosage of fertilizer(s) according to the week number. For example in this case, in the week 4, two fertilizers would be needed (BB 1ml/L + TM 1ml/L). Some fertilizers have different dosing in different weeks. For example, in this case, in the week 4 is BB 1ml/L, and in the week 5 is BB 3ml/L. In some cases, the administration mode is not through watering. For example in week 7, AV is administered trough foliar.
The final purpose will be to completely automate a fertigation system (with pumps) based on these values, but, for now, I would be very happy If I manage to visualize them.
I’m thinking about starting by creating helpers for each fertilizer (or week?) and for each different dosage. And I’m hoping to be able to reach my goal trough some coding in config.yaml.
Do you have any ideas for different - perhaps more appropriated - approaches?
Thank you very much in advance for your help.