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FFmpeg timeout issue with Ring doorbell camera


I am recently running into an issue when attempting to view the last video captured by my Ring Doorbell camera. When attempting to view the video from my web browser the video comes up blank (white box with a question mark in it) and I get an error message in the HA log:
“Timeout while waiting of FFmpeg”
Interestingly enough when I attempt to do the same action from the Home Assistant app on my iPhone the video plays without an issue and there is no error in the HA log.
I have the Ring component properly installed and am using Lovelace UI and the picture-entity card with the ring camera entity.
I’m running Home Assistant via Hassio on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+. I believe the issue coincides with HA version 0.92.2. I wasn’t having this issue a few weeks ago.
Anyone else experiencing a recent FFMpeg timeout issue?