Fibaro 222 implant - problem with entities status in HA

Hi, from what I have experienced, you need to use an insecure connection solution to be able to see all entities when connecting to Fibaro 222 implant. (Hope this can be fixed). I use the implant to open a garage door (input1 connected to push button) Then read the status of out1. The plan was to connect the magnetic contact to input2 to indicate whether the port is closed or open. But regardless of whether I choose NO or NC or whatever it may be, I do not see a status change in Home Assistant. When I test with ohm meters, I see that output2 alternates, but I do not get this verified in HA. My son has connected this in this way with Homey and there this works perfectly. Hope someone knows what this could be due to :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, I would never have found that out myself!
I had it connected with a secure connection and could not get input-2 working.
Now with non-secure connection it works.

What I also found out that the inputs only started to be signaled to HA when they where “disconnected” from the outputs (and the outputs can not be operated by pressing the switch localy).
For that you have to set “protection command class” for local control for both outputs to “[2] NoOperationPossible”: