Fibaro and thermostats | Climate card does not control the correct device

Dear HA developers,

I think I found a bug. I will report this issue based on prior threads I have found as well:

My situation:

  • I have 9 Heltun z-wave thermostats in one house connected to a Fibaro Home Center 2

One thermostat looks like the following in Fibaro:

As you can see it has several measurements and settings. By nature, Fibaro HC2 defines 1 physical Heltun thermostat like the following below into the admin panel of Fibaro:

The External sensor for the temperature is not shown here as I have made it hidden in Fibaro (not used/connected). 1 Physical Heltun thermostat results in several Fibaro id’s and for each thermostat mode it’s creating a Fibaro thermostat id which can be set according to it’s mode.

Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 13.00.20

1st problem HA:

The Fibaro integration into HA doesn’t show all of the thermostats, like

  • Heating Mode Time
  • Heating Mode Eco
  • Heating Mode VAC

The naming of these devices is set within Fibaro. The integration problem is personally not an issue, as the most important measurements are integrated within HA, like

  • Temperature
  • Brightness
  • Humidity
  • Thermostat Mode
  • Heating Mode COM (common)
  • Voltage

2nd problem HA:

Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 18.00.48

At initial state, after rebooting HA, the Climate card is not presenting the current temperature of 12.5 (in picture it is 0 C). Also the set temperature is not showing the fibaro entity Thermostat Mode COM (in the picture the set temperature seems to be 12,5 C but in the Fibaro picture you can see Thermostat Mode COM is set to 17,5 C), but it’s showing the set temperature of Heating Mode VAC (which is not integrated into HA at all, see 1st Problem).

Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 18.01.06

Then, when moving the dial of the Climate card to 30 C it changes indeed the fibaro entity thermostat Heating Mode COM as shown here (this is correct):

But when changing the dial in HA for Heating Mode DRY it changes the Heating Mode COM in Fibaro as well, which is a mistake.

Also, when controlling the temperature from the Fibaro HC2 the following happens:

  • when changing in HC2 the Heating Mode COM nothing happens in the Climate card of HA
  • when changing in HC2 the Heating Mode DRY nothing happens in the Climate card of HA
  • when changing in HC2 the Heating Mode VAC it does set temperature in HA for Climate card Heating Mode DRY

To summarise, it looks a bit odd that the integration of Heltun within Fibaro results in separate thermostats, one for each thermostat mode. However it’s working fine within Fibaro.

However, HA twists the Fibaro id’s with each other and is not representing all thermostats. Therefore the Climate card is not usable at all for Fibaro users (see also the thread in the beginning). Has anybody an advice how to deal with this? Or should I report at Github?

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Hi thank you for linking my thread :blush: yes I think you should report this to Github.

Has anybody integrated a Heltun thermostat into Fibaro? If so, do all thermostats integrate into your HA instance?

I have this issue still, nothing happened on this issue after years. I use the HC2 as my home center, I don’t have a Z-wave stick to create a new Z-wave network. I’ve seen this give some advantages, as via the Z-wave network of HA you can do over the air updates, which is not supported by the HC2 for the Heltun devices.

If anyone has experience integrating Heltun thermostats into HA please share.