Fibaro bluetooth sensors

Fibaro offer sensors (motion, leak) with either bluetooth or z-wave connectivity. I am interested in the bluetooth ones, and would like to know if anyone has added them to HASS? Fibaro provide an API for their expensive z-wave hub but not for their Homekit products. However the they do offer an app, so should be possible to connect by spoofing the app? Cheers

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Iā€™m also interested in this question because I would like to know if I can use a wall plug homekit version (Wireless Bluetooth and WiFi communication) with HASS

And, after more than 3 years, any experience? I got an fibaro ble switch installed, that I really would love to integrate.

There is no way as far as I know

Yeah, I did not find one as well. :disappointed:
BL is way to slow anyways.

Anyone lately tried adding Fibaro via bluetooth?