Fibaro dimmer 2 - Won't dim with momentary switch

He There!

I’ve bought a Fibaro Dimmer 2 to dim my lights above the dining table. The installation was fine and after calibration i got a green light from the dimmer module. Also installed a single momentary switch(pulse) to dim the lights without the app or Google Assistant, but i only can turn the lights on or off. I’ve checked the parameters 19/20 and recalibrated u bunch of times but without any result. Also checked the wires for a couple of times to see if i did everything correctly and as far as i can see it looks fine.
This is the wire diagram:

Now the lights are starting to flash or blink randomly after 30 minutes and it shuts down and never goes on again itself. So i have to manually put it back on.

Don’t have a Fibaro Bipass because the dimmer showed a green light, and my wall box is now full:P

Does anybody know what i can do or having the same issues as i have?

Thanks in advance!

I’m having similair issues with the Dimmer 2. I can’t figure out what the problem is, but there might be firmware updates for the module. I have a friend with a Fibaro Home Center and I will ask him to do the firmware update, maybe that will help…

What is setting of parameter 32 - On/Off mode? Make sure it is either automatic or on/off mode disabled. Otherwise it forces dimmer to treat light as not dimmable and only allows to switch them on/off.
Also what is parameter 33 - dimmablility of the load? Is it automatic (and recognized as dimmable) or explicitly set to on/off mode disabled (dimming is possible)?

Parameter 32 is on automatic mode and 33 is recognized as dimmable and cannot be changed.
I think it’s because i’m using light bulbs from Calex and they seem not compatible with Fibaro. I’m going to try it with different lightbulb and see if they work. Will keep you posted!

After 2 days struggling I’m giving up. What a nightmare. I’ve bought new lightbulbs etc and still can’t dim the lights with the momentary switch. Hopefully there will be a better or new solution in the future. For now I’m going to stick with the old-school dimmers. Thanks for all your help!

I had such issues solved with the bypass…even with green light on the module without bypass.
To be sure of my parameters/wiring i used an old fashion filament lightbulb (no LED).

But the bypass is for low voltage and flickering of the light. It should not have to do anything with the functionality to dim the lights with the momentary switch. I’m going to give it another try after a couple of weeks. Maybe I didn’t install de switch correctly. Anyone having a Busch en jaeger momentary single switch with pictures of the wiring?