Fibaro Dimmer > Emulated Hue > Harmony | Lock-ups and delays

I configured emulated hue to be able to toggle and dim my lights that are installed with a Fibaro Dimmer 2 by means of the home controls on my Harmony Companion remote.
Alongside this light, I also have Nanoleaf panels configured the same way.

The functionality works fine, but there is a problem with the Fibaro dimmer causing heavy delays when multiple commands are executed in quick succession. If I for example turn on the light with the remote, and then press dim down like 5 times, it will register the first couple of commands, and a long delay will happen before the I see the light reach to the last commands. If I keep punching buttons, it is like it just keeps queuing up commands and imposing longer and more delays. At one point during testing I had the light changing and toggling like crazy maybe 10 minutes after I pressed the remote.

This same problem is not there with the Nanoleaf lights at all, they always respond immediately. Therefore I assume this issue is due to the translation that HA does between getting the emulates hue inputs and communicating over Z-wave, and that this is flooding the z-wave network completely, putting the dimmer to it’s knees.

Anyone know what is going on here? And is there a fix?