Fibaro dimmer v2, incosistent minimum brightness

Hi there,

After lurking around on this forum and usually finding what I need, I’ve ended up with an issue which I could not solve through searching the interwebs.

I have a Z-wave Fibaro v2 dimmer, it works after auto calibration, but it was pretty bright at minimum brightness and up 30%, the brightness seemed to be max.
I’ve manually adjusted these brightness settings, minimum 25->20 and maximum 90->50. When I set the brightness to minimum, it’s now perfect wrt to brightness. But when I turn the brightness up and then back to minimum, using the slider in HA, they end up a lot brighter then before?!
Also using the wall switch, the minimum brightness is different when turning it up and then back down.

After switching the lights off and on, it is back at the desired minimum setting.

Anyone experienced something similar or has any clue what could be the issue?

Hi @WouterR,

I have four Fibaro V2 dimmers, and all of them have OK minimum level of brightness, if I dimmer the light to almost off.

So no issues.

Thanks for your reply.

Added information, I’ve noticed the lights brighten after being on for a couple of minutes on the minimum brightness setting. Could it be the ‘antiflickering’ function in the Fibaro?