Fibaro Dimmers alarm notification


I notice Fibaro Dimmers have a few alarm modes where for example the device detects a surge on the power line or the device is overheating it will trigger an alarm frame.

How can I pick these up in Home Assistant so that I can send a notification for example ?



Did you solve this? I’m after the same…

Do you see alarm_type and alarm_level entities for this node? If so when the device sends an Alarm Notification they should change values according to this table: (alarm_type should be in column B - Notification Type - Value, alarm_level should be in column G - Notification - Value)

Hey, trying to do the same thing with my setup.

I can see the alarm_type and alarm_entities, appearing as sensors, and am happy with the command I need to send from your spreadsheet - but how do I send it!?

I can’t see it as a service that I can call.


You don’t send the commands - the device will set the values if it needs to report an alarm.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply - sorry I made a mistake in my post and didnt explain my problem (misread the topic after doing a lot of reading last night to see if someone had had a similar problem).

I am trying to integrate my dimmer 2 into alarm automations. I note they supposedly respond to an “alarm frame”, but cant work out how to send one via the services available in HASS. Sorry this is a bit off the original topic, I can start a new threat if required.

I don’t think it’s possible with current Home Assistant Z-Wave implementation.

If I’m not mistaken Fibaro implementation of this functionality is not standard. If Fibaro device needs to send an alarm it not only sends the correct data to the controller but also broadcasts the alarm to all listening devices (if I remember correctly - I don’t have documentation in front of me - broadcasting in z-wave network is simply sending a command to node 255). The reaction to this broadcast alarm is what you can configure in the device parameters.

For typical z-wave devices reaction to alarms should be handled by automations/scenes (if controler receives the alarm - turn the dimmer on etc) and you can to that with Fibaro devices also.
While it would probably be possible to send broadcast alarm frame there is no UI for it in Home Assistant and I’m not sure if OpenZWave (the library that HA uses for Z-Wave) support sending your own zwave commands like that.

Cheers - yeah have it currently set up to flash the lights via an automation, but wanted to know if I could do it a different way. Thanks for the help.

how did you manage to do this in your automation ? looking for the same :wink: