Fibaro fgbs 222 volt set to m/s

Hi, All i have recently started with Homeassistant .
i just had an fibaro fgbs 222 (smart implant) added to my system .
on the In1 input of the fibaro i have an windmeter.
i have added the fibaro and homeassistant says 0,39v
but i want to set the 0,4 to 2 v to the wind speed how can i do this ?

some specs

fibaro fgbs 222
analog input 0-10v set whitout pull up resistor

wind speed sensor
measurement range :0-32.4 s/m
presicion : +0.3 m/s
start wind speed <0.8m/s

output signal 0.4-2volt
wind speed value=(output voltage - 0.4)/1.6*range

sorry for my bad english