Fibaro FGBS222 smart implant: no node config options

I have a Fibaro FGBS222 smart implant which I could include without problems. I see many sensors, for example voltage and temperature. But if I click on “Node config options”, there is nothing. The query stage is “complete”. What can I do? I see that CommandClass 112 is empty in zwcfg*xml.

Reading Where are the ZWAVE manufacturer and device files in Hassio? it sound like my zwcfg*.xml is not complete and I have to copy some lines from

Hi there! yup, you’ll have to edit the zwcfg.xml file in your config folder. just make sure to shut hassio down before editing the file. cheers!

What do I have to add? Only command class 112? Where do those values come from for other sensors?

You shouldn’t have to edit anything. Confirm that that your installation includes this version of the file first.

But how do you confirm this on Hassio? I can’t find any access to this file on Hassio install.

I have that file, if it is this version I don’t know, it does not contain version numbers. But in HA the device was named “Fibaro unknown” (sensor.fibaro_system_unknown_type_0502_id_1000_alarm_level_3), so HA did not recognize the device type.

And yes, I removed the device and added again: same.

And yes, I have .homeassistant/deps/lib/python3.7/site-packages/python_openzwave/ozw_config/manufacturer_specific.xml

Does your copy of manufacturer_specific.xml file have the entry for it? Make sure you don’t have any other config files installed, for example, in /etc/openzwave.

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Wow, that was it! I had an old version in /etc. Where did it come from? Thank you so much!

If you’re using Debian/Ubuntu, you probably installed the openzwave packages. You can purge them (which deletes everything) with apt get purge <packagename>.

dietpi@hasspi:~$ apt list *zwave*
Listing... Done
libopenzwave-doc/testing 1.5+ds-6 all
libopenzwave1.5-dev/testing 1.5+ds-6 armhf
libopenzwave1.5/testing 1.5+ds-6 armhf
openzwave/testing 1.5+ds-6 armhf

dietpi@hasspi:~$ apt list *zwave* --installed
Listing... Done

Yes it is the libopenzwave1.5:

libopenzwave1.5/disco,now 1.5+ds-6 amd64 [installed,automatic]
  API to use a Z-Wave controller

It was installed because the openzwave-controlpanel was installed.

I have a very similar problem. Do you know how to access these files on a Hassio install? Maybe if I put the SD card into a reader and access it from another computer? And why don’t Hassio uses the latest openzwave files? How long does it take for them to implement? I can’t find answers to these questions. Thanks

I’m sorry, I don’t know what is or how it works.
I have only normal homeassistant package.

I have the same issue. Where are the XML manufacturer specific files located in HASSio? I don’t have an OpenZWave folder in /etc/, nor can I find any XML files that relate to OpenZWave. I only have the zwcfg_xxxxx.xml file in /config/. Should I update that one? But with what information?