Fibaro FGMS001 v2.7 not recognized correctly

Hi all,

just startet with home assistant and moving my openHAB installation over. So bare with me any my stupid questions.

I have some of the above mention Motion Sensors from Fibaro. most of them have firmware 3.2 and on has firmware 2.7.

The one with the 2.7 Firmware is not recognized as Motion Sensor and thefor some really important entities are missing.

Could someone confirm that there is a problem with Zwave JS and the Motion Sensor with formware 2.7

yes, Incan confirm that. I have 7 motion sensors, 5 of them have 2.6 and one has 3.1
Only one of them is recognizes properly as motion sensor.

Was this problem ever solved in Home Assistant? I just migrated from Domoticz and there the motion sensor was working just fine. I don’t want to throw away my old FGMS001. Only option I can think of, is “borrowing” a Home Center from some online shop and send it back when I’m done with the firmware upgrades.