Fibaro FGS-212 showing 3 switches

I’ve installed a Fibaro FGS-212 switch to control my boiler, but I have 3 switches appearing in HA whereas it is supposed to have only one output!? and it seems that 2 of them respond, whereas the third one doesn’t have any effect…
any feedback on this? is this normal or should I do something to correct it?

This a byproduct of how some zwave devices work to ensure backwards compatibility. This device exposes 3 switches -

  • one can be looked as a master (on if any of the devices channels are ON, OFF if all are off),
  • 2’nd is for channel 1 (the main channel, controlling the relay)
  • 3’rd is ‘virtual’ but can be controlled by 2’nd switch input (s2) on the device giving you option to use it to controll something else

Ok! But how do I know which is which?

Look at the value_instance: attribute 1 should be your main relay, 2 should be the virtual one.

For some reason I don’t see the third ‘master’ one in my HA but I believe it should have value_instance: of 0

ok thanks
I have value_instance values from 1 to 3
1 and 2 seem to have an action (but seem independent since I can activate them separately) and 3 does not do anything so I guess it is the virtual
and so, if I understand well, I should use the main channel? with value_instance=2 (I suppose number 1 is the master)

It seems like that is the case. Yes.