Fibaro FGS-213 single switch - Light always on

Hi everyone,

I wanted to automate my lights using a fibaro z-wave switch so i could still use the wall switch. However, when connecting the fibaro wall switch in my wall socket the light (led) remains on. I can hear the relay click so it is changing but the lights stay on. Does someone else have experience with this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Did you use the null wire? If you did not use the null wire, the device will send its return energy through the bulb back. In case of a led light, this will be enough to turn on the light.

You could use a fibaro bypass 2 to take away the energy that came from the switch itself.

I have three wires at the switch. One of which is the live wire, the second the load and i assume the third (this one wasn’t connected) the null wire. Am i right to assume this is the null wire? If so then this one is connected.

I’ve looked at the fibaro bypass but it said it’s only for dimmable led lights and a fibaro dimmer. Mine is a switch and i have non-dimmable led lights.

You need at least 5 wires to the switch, see this image.

The N wire is normally referred to as the Neutral, and few houses have those by default.

Yes the left one is how i’ve connected the switch i’m just not sure about the n wire. From the wall there are three wires so i’ve connected the three to the fibaro switch and the original waalswitch to s1 and the l terminal.

what are the colors of the cables that came out of the wall?

2 blue one black. What I forgot to mention is that the light bulbs are LED lights. Also i live in the Netherlands. Thanks. Sorry for the late reply.

You bought the worng Fibaro for your application. You need the FGD-212 (Switch/Dimmer) … even if you dont use the dimming function. I have 6 of those and all of them switch on/off LED Bulbs (cheap ones … like 7…8$/piece), dimmable LED and not dimmable LED, and the bulbs go FULL OFF and Full ON, every time. What you have I think its main purpose is to switch outlets. It can do light but not so well …