Fibaro FGS-222 and Switch with Light\Werkel


I recently decided to change my simple Simon switches with one’s from Werkel, with night light, or however that LED is called, which is on when the switch is off :smiley:

And I’m not sure what’s wrong, but it does not work the same as simple Simon switch.

My Fibaro plug is obviously in TOGGLE mode, because with simple Simon switch it works like this - when switch is OFF, light is OFF. Switch ON, light ON. Of course if I switch it from HASS, it will reverse the order. Ok. Thats fine.

But with Werkel switch it works differently. Here’s the routine:

  • Switch is in ON position. Lights is OFF.
  • Toggle it to OFF position. Light turns ON.
  • If I leave it in OFF position, lights will start turning on and off on their own now and then
  • If I Switch it to ON - lights will stay ON.
  • If I switch it to OFF again - lights will turn off.

So basically I need to click it OFF-ON to perform a switch. So it kind of ruins the idea of having the LED light at all, since I have to keep it ON.

So I’m not sure what’s the issue here. Is it because of the LED? Something with how current goes there? Is it the issue with all swithces with LEDs? Or maybe it’s just this particular switch?

I know that if you use associations to trigger a switch i normally have to press twice before the pyshical switch knows the state. But if i read through your post it looks “confusion” :slight_smile:

Also associations to fibaro devices on the second channel doesn’t always work with zwave devices with a lower version (since they cannot send the data on the second channel)

No, I did not use any assosiations.

Also, these FGS-222 just SPAM HASS with their instances. 2 switches, and I got like 20-30 of them.

I think I should just replace them with something else… Damnit. They did cost quite some. Either faulty or just not compatible with my zwave stick or HASS or OZW or something.

I got tons of fibaro modules here, and have no problems though. What does it spam them? That they “talk” to Hass now and then is normal though. It does take a chunk of time before my z-wave is fully working, since if you restart hass it will poll all devices. Only when the devices are in state “ready” will it work nicely for me. If you want to rule out Hass, you can always start op ozwcp and see if you have the same issue. But some more information on what is wrong would be nice, or perhaps join the gitter chat for easier communications.

I mean they spam with their instances when I pair them, making not 3 switch nodes per switch (as normal for dual switch), but dozens:

I have a FGS-211 switch as well, and that one works perfectly fine, no troubles at all. But I do discuss these more broad problems in another thread, Fibaro Dual Switch plug

Ok that REALLY doesn’t suppose to happen, is there anything in the logs? In the z-wave part i normally just have 1. Unless its a RGBW then you got a couple more but thats it. I did notice my door sensors showing double but nothing like this madness. What happens if you try in ozwcp panel? same list of devices?

Well, I installed Open Z-Wave-pip, and it does not have OZWCP anymore. And it seemed logical with new zwave panel in HASS. I’m not sure, if I run hassbian-config and install regular OZW on top of that, will it break things?

Well yeah. A changed them all to Philio\TKB Home plugs. Details here: Fibaro Dual Switch plug

ozwcp should still be in there i believe. no matter what version, at least i would want it since it offers a better solution if you add a lot of devices. You need to restart Hass in order to see added devices, or even get feedback if you add/remove something in hass (you don’t get feedback from it, you have to tail the ozwcp logs)

I know, and I would need it if I had a lot of devices :slight_smile: I’ll keep this in mind for when I need to set all this up in a town house, but in an 2-room apartment I don’t think I need it that much.

But in any case, I’m not sure how to launch ozwcp if it’s installed from pip?