Fibaro FGS222 dual switch

Hi guys.
Im sorry if i want to ask somethings that’s already being discussed, but i cant find an answer.
So for 2 years, i used my smartthings hub for my z wave network, but now i bought the aeon labs z-wave stick gen5. Totally satisfied with it, its much faster than the cloud-based devices handlers for smartthings.

Now my question.
Smartthings had a variable that could tell me if turned on the lights with the button connected to s1 or s2. I cant find the solution here in homeassistant, but im sure its there.

Also if someone could explain the z wave scenes a little bit more, because i don’t get it :confused:

With Home Assistant there should be two switch entities, and the one that you’ve used will be the one that has a state update when operated.

Look in the dev states view (<>):

You’ll see all your entities there.

Scenes - well, it depends on whether you’re asking about Central Scene, or just Scene - they’re different. The short version is that the device sends an event that you can detect.

Thank you for your response.
I know that i can switch the entity for every switch. Thats no problem at all. But can i detect when i press the button on the wall? Or do i need to do an input bolean and trigger it with an automation to see who made the switch.

The entity should update when you manually operate the switch. For example, if your switches are switch.hall_one and switch.hall_two, when you toggle the physical switch for switch.hall_one you should see that entity change between on and off.

But doesnt the entity also update if the automation turns on or off the switch.
So just to clear what i want to do here.
I want the light to stay on when i turn it on with the button, but if it turns on with automation it should turn off when some time passes

Have a look here. That’s for a fan, but exactly the same logic.

When you turn it on through the automation, turn on an input boolean. If the light has been on for X time, and the input boolean is on, turn the light off. Any time the light turns off, turn off the input_boolean.

It’s likely that there’s something triggered when you turn it on/off with the physical switch. Whether it fires an event, or it just turns up in the log, I don’t know.

Thanks. I understand that logic :slight_smile:.
I just asked myself if the node puts some parameter that tells home assistant that the button has been pressed.

But thaf logic will work just fine.
Thank you again