Fibaro FGSD002 smoke sensor

I just bought a FibaroFGSD002 smoke sensor and added it using “Add node secure”.
There are many different sensors. Is there anyone who can tell me what the different sensors are?

  • zwave.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor
  • binary_sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_sensor_2
  • sensor.alarm_level_5
  • sensor.alarm_type_5
  • sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_burglar_2
  • sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_general_2
  • sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_heat_3
  • sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_heat_4
  • sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_power_management_2
  • sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_smoke_3
  • sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_smoke_4
  • sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_sourcenodeid_2
  • sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_system_2
  • sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_temperature_2

and should I change something in Z-Wave Network Management?

Hi @bengt

I have a Fibaro Smoke Sensor, though I haven’t got around to configure it yet into my HA setup, which I’m currently working on setup.

However, I have noted this bookmark (to this site) with a description on how to configure the smoke sensor.

Please update back if it works, that would save me a lot of time :smile:

I don’t have one, but based on my experience with other devices I’ll explain what they’re likely for. You can find out some more in the documentation too, and look in <> (dev-states).

zwave.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor - any entity starting with zwave. is the control node representing the hardware device. Mostly this is used for tracking the battery level (for battery powered devices), and when you’re updating settings.

binary_sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_sensor_2 - the binary_sensor. entity is the one that indicates a detection for the device’s primary purpose. For a multi-sensor, that’s normally motion, for a smoke sensor, that’ll be smoke detection.

sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_burglar_2 - for reporting if the case has been opened

sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_general_2 - could be for anything

sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_heat_3 - these are likely reporting two different heat sensors.

sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_power_management_2 - reports the power status

sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_smoke_3 - these two are likely two smoke sensors

sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_sourcenodeid_2 - you can always ignore a sourcenodeid entity.

sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_temperature_2 - will be reporting the temperature the device measures.

No idea what the general and system entities report, but if you can share what they show in the dev-states view, I can likely help you work it out.


Did you ever find out what the binary sensor is for?

I also have this smoke detector and I don’t think the binary sensor is for smoke detection. For smoke I use the sensor sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_smoke_3 in my automations…

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Confirmed with smoke from tobacco pipe :+1:

Could you let me know how you do that? I just tested and the mentioned sensor goes from 254 to 0, but remains at 0 even 15 minutes after the alarm went off…