Fibaro HC Lite integration - RGBW 2 Controllers

Hi, I have an issue with the integration of fibaro HC Lite.

I have added 4 RGBW 2 Led controller and 1 Fibaro Multisensor.

All works very great and fast, but the problem is the brightness of the led driver.

When you set the brightness in home assistant, you can see that in fibaro HASS set the rgbw value, but not the actual brightness.

So when you reboot hass, and try to turn on the light, they remain off, and you can not turn on or off anymore.

Everytime I need to turn it on in fibaro HC to 99 brightness and the turn it off from hass, then it works, because they remain set to 99 brightness.

Anyone with this problem?

I’m thinking about a workaround with node-red to set the brightness with the node red fibaro.

Thank you!