Fibaro HC2 battery devices - how to see battery level?


I have Fibaro HC2 integrated with HA. I can see various posts regarding templates for battery level warnings, but my problem is I do not see battery level properties for my devices.
What I should do to see battery level for my fibaro devices connected to HC2?

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Currently the fibaro integration does not follow the common pattern to expose battery level as entities. But each entity of a battery device has an attribute called battery_level which exposes the current battery state in %. Be aware that fibaro does report battery level as 255 when the battery is nearly empty instead of 0%.

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I personally use the battery-entity-row add-on (installed via HACS) to show the battery state in the dashboard.

Configuration is then like:

  - type: custom:battery-entity-row
    entity: binary_sensor.flur_wc_eingang_bewegung_160
    attribute: battery_level
type: entities
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