Fibaro Home Center Switches as Lights

I recently migrated to a Fibaro Home Center 3 for managing my Z-wave devices. So far it works pretty well, however, it seems like all on/off switches (relays, wall plugs, e.t.c) in Home Center are by default interpreted as switch entities in HA, whereas I would rather want them to be Light entities instead.

Looking through the source code for the Fibaro integration, it appears that it should actually be possible to add switches as Light entities if they are controlling light sources:

 # Switches that control lights should show up as lights
 if (
     device_type == "switch"
     and"isLight", "false") == "true"
     device_type = "light"

However, I don’t understand what I need to do to set the isLight property to true. I can’t find anything in the Home Center GUI related to this and if I try to set it manually in the integration configuration I just get an invalid property error (I’ve tried both isLight and is_light).

     - url: http://IP-address/api/
       username: !secret fibaro_username
       password: !secret fibaro_password
           isLight: true

I know that I could solve this by using the light switch integration, but I would prefer to just add the entities correctly from the beginning, especially since it seems like it should be possible to do.

Hi, sorry I can’t help you with your problem. But I have a question for you. According to other forum entries, the Fibaro Home Center 3 does not work with Home Assistant. As it seems, you are already using it and have included it normaly. Is that correct?

I am currently using an HC Lite and would like to switch to the HC 3. So I ask if everything still works.
Thank you for your answer.

Well, so far it seems to work as expected. Configuration was merely a matter of adding the username and password and as far as I’ve seen all entities are created and work as expected (sensors, lights and a doorbell). I’m only using the Fibaro HC as a glorified Z-wave antenna, though, so I haven’t tested any Fibaro scenes, scripts or anything like that, since that is all handled by Home Assistant.

Regarding my own problem, it appears that it was actually a bug in the integration, so I did a PR with a fix so that will hopefully not be a problem anymore.

Edit: I just noticed that adding scenes to HC3 will break the Fibaro integration in Home Assistant. Deleting the scene will fix it.

I’m currently working on a fix for it, but sadly it appears to be a limitation in the python library used for communicating with Home Center, which needs to be fixed before anything can be done with Home Assistant. Hopefully the author of the library will accept my fix soon so that scene support for HC3 can then be added to Home Assistant.

Hi @danielpervan, I’ve just migrated to HC3 from Vera. Does this mean currently there is no way to use the integration for a scene controller device? I’m trying to use an Aeotec Wallmote and I can only see it being added as a sensor. Is it possible to send HA events for the button presses? Someone from the Vera community helped me with the LUA codes to send HA events using scenes (involving a long lived access token from HA). I’m no programmer and I have no idea how to replicate the method on the HC3. Or perhaps there is an easier way to do it with the HC3 integration?

I was looking for Fibaro HC3 <-> MQTT (Home Assistant and NodeRed) integration for months, and then implemented the integration on my own

It supports HomeAssistant autodiscovery, and enables the possibility to use NodeRed flows

Published at GitHub, in case it could help people like me

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