Fibaro Home Plug adding | need DSK code


I’ve setup a Z-Wave network earlier this week (Aeotec Gen 5+) and have 2 Fibaro Wall Plugs. The wallplugs require a DSK code which supposedly is on the bottom of the packaging. It’s not. I’ve read in the various forums that instead you can enter 00000 or 000000 as work around codes, however this isn’t working either (it gives the error message ‘code not valid’). The field states ‘Enter the full DSK code (dashes included) for your device’.

I’m not sure what else I can try. Any ideas?

I’m running HA core-2022.3.1 on a Virtual Machine (Ubuntu).


The code is also usually on the device itself, a 5 digit number. If it has a QR code you can also scan that.

Otherwise, if you don’t have the PIN, you can select “How do you want to include your device” in the Add Device page for other inclusion methods:

  1. Insecure - no security as it says, so no PIN required. Probably fine for a light switch.
  2. Secure if possible - S2 security if possible, but you have more options. When the device is added it will ask you for the inclusion classes to grant. If allowed by the device, you can uncheck the “Authenticated” option and only select “Unauthenticated”. That will include with S2 without requiring the PIN. If “Unauthenticated” is not an option, then you’ll have to go with Insecure.

I don’t see a code on the device itself either. There is a S/N - but that doesn’t work either. There’s also a sort of ‘simplified’ QR code - but I can’t scan either. Also downloaded a QR scanner - but it doesn’t recognize it either.

I’m trying to add the device via Z-Wave JS via the ‘add’ (+) button - I can’t chose the options. The screen looks like the below:

Whatever option I choose - it requires the DSK code… it will not continue otherwise.

You are using zwavejs2mqtt to add a node, which is an important thing to know. The instructions I gave were for HA.

The screen you are showing is for SmartStart inclusion. Does your device even support S2 or SmartStart? You didn’t post the model name, which would tell us that. Given you can’t find a DSK or QR code, then it probably doesn’t, so you are on the wrong screen.

You probably just need to use classic inclusion. In the Control Panel, go to Actions → Manage Nodes → Inclusion → Next. Enter name and location, optionally, Next → Select Default → Next. It probably won’t even ask for the DSK. Use the same instructions I posted above if it does.

that was the golden ticket answer I was looking for. It’s working - thanks once again Freshcoast!!