Fibaro Keyfob (FGKF-601) all presses work (1x, 2x 3x press, hold, release)

This is my first plan, I haven’t had any problems yet but if anyone encounters a problem or has an idea for improvement let me know.


A basic plan that gives you the ability to assign actions to all possible types of keystrokes. Each button (square, circle, cross, triangle, minus, plus) has assignable actions for the following presses …

with a single press
double press
triple press
hold (long press)
release (triggered after holding)


Z-Wave donage (tested with Z ‐ Stick Gen5 USB Controller from AEON Labs ZW090)
ZWaveJS integration (tested with ZWaveJS2MQTT)
Fibaro Keyfob FGKF 601

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

Only one press works in the factory setting in the Fibaro Keyfob
Enable pressing 2x and 3x must be changed parameters 21 to 26 to value 15 in the Fibaro Keyfob configuration.

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