Fibaro keyfob via http request (HC2>HA)

Hi all,

In my setup, I use my old Fibaro HomeCenter 2 as ‘dumb’ zwave antenna. I migrated all smarts automations to HA.

I want to use my Fibaro keyfob, zwave connected to HC2, to trigger garagedoor integration and alarm in HA.
The Fibaro integration in HA does unfortunately not support the Fibaro keyfob (FGKF-601).

Since Keyfob is not recognized in HA, I cannot see or use it in HA.
As workaround, I want to create a scene in HC2 that sends a HTTP request to HA in same LAN.
HA should act on the webrequest, by for example toggle a boolean helper.
I know HC2 can send http requests.

Does anyone know what http request I should send that would make HA to act when I press a key on the keyfob?

Thanks for tips?


Maybe it’s time to get that HC2 out of the game?

Your keyfob is supported by HA…

Fair point, only I have ~50 zwave devices, the hassle of migrating and update automations holds me back. Secondly, my zwave setup is perfectly stable, fast response. Not sure if I will get this back when I integrate zwave in my rpi4.
At some point I will upgrade (yellow?) looking for a workaround until then.