Fibaro motion sensor stuck


I have a Z-stick Gen5 with a couple of dimmers and a fibaro motion sensor. I’m having diffuculties getting the motion sensor to work properly. After the initial setup it seemed to work but then at some point I only got a reading of 254 (deepsleep?). After a couple of hours I gave up and went to bed. When I got down stairs this morning my lights wnet on automatically :slight_smile: So the sensor seemed to work again.

Happyness only lasted for a few minutes because the sensor seems to be stuck at 0 now. No matter how much we move, there’s no motion being detected anymore. The led does flash when I move infront of the sensor.

Any tips/ideas or pitfalls I may have missed?

for some odd reason since I updated to 0.48 my kitchen was has been getting stuck. I have to press the button 3 times to unstick it. I have several Fibaro sensors but just this one does it. It is the closest to the stick as well… oddness

I have solved this issue here