Fibaro motionsensor light automation latency

Looking for some insight from the pros on here!

What is expected latency/delay for a motion sensor being triggered to the light turning on?
It takes roughly 2-3 seconds with my current setup which I feel is too long. But is this to be considered normal? Is it dependent on the actual sensor itself?

Regardless if I trigger the motion sensor or run the automation manually, the delay is the same.

However, if I trigger the light without the automation it turns on/off instantly. And the automation for turning off the light (after 5mins without motion) also works instantly.

Since it is instantenous in turning off, it feels like it should be the same for turning on. Tried troubleshooting (healing node, removing and adding as insecure etc) without any difference.

The components in my system:

Motion sensor: Fibaro FGMS001
Light: Fibaro Dimmer 2
Z-wave sw: zwavejs2mqtt
Z-wave controller: Aeotec Z-stick 7
HomeAssistant installed on NUC with SSD (shouldn’t be limiting factor).

The motion sensor is just a couple of feet from the controller so the distance shouldn’t be a problem either.

Would appreciate any input either if this is expected or what I could do to fix it!

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I only can tell you, it is not a problem of the motion eye.
It must be on you HA machine.

I use several of these sensors here, but with Z-wave JS (non MQTT) and they work instantly, always. :wink:

That… actually says, its or your machine or the light, because the delay is present even when you bypass the sensor.

how does the automation look?

Hmm… keep trying to troubleshoot on my end.

  1. If brightness % is set really low, it takes longer to turn on then if it’s set high.

  2. Running the automation is about 1 second faster compared to actually triggering the motion sensor.

  3. Turning on the light from UI is instantantenous.

  4. automation for lights off is instantenous

Really frustrating. It’s on that needs to be fast and not off :wink:

I have fib motion sensors and fib Dimmers also, with virtualised HA running ZWaveJS2MQTT and an Aeotec Z-Stick, so a similar setup to you. From the motion detector “seeing” motion to the light activating takes < 1s.
One suggestion is you could use ZWave associations instead of coming through HA - that will be far quicker to respond.

Do you have yours running with associations or not @Swallowtail ?
The problem is that I want different light settings depending on what time of the day (or I rather use the sun state in the automation) and that won’t be possible with association if I understood correctly it will just send simple command on/off ?

I did get a usb extension cable for the stick so the stick could be placed up high on a shelf away from other electronics. I redid a heal network and noticed that two of the motion sensors now got direct contact with the stick (node 1). The delay is noticably shorter now and I would say almost acceptable. Gonna try measuring the difference between:

  1. motion detected until light gets turned on
  2. executing the automation from within HA
  3. executing the automation for lights off

To see how much these differ with the “new” setup.

I use automation, not association - the small delay is acceptable to me/us, and like you I want to have some smarts about when it comes on.
Hopefully the changes you have made work for you.

I am seeing same delay on my motion sensors, and maybe its the first parameters which could make a difference.

Specially the 3. Motion detection - pulse counter (default 1 - 2 pulses)


Parameter 4. Motion detection - window time