Fibaro RGBW - switch inputs

Hi everyone,

I’m continuing on my Fibaro RGBW track and I hope and can get some help with this topic as well.

I have the fibaro RGBW setup with 4 wall switches connected to Input 1-4 and a RGBW led strip connected to the corresponding outputs.

I’m wondering if there is some setting to disconnect the wall switches inputs from their RGBW outputs?

When I push wall-switch 1, it activates the light circuit on output channel 1 (red)

What I would like is that this input would be detected by home assistant as just an input.
Then I could automate in home assistant to let this switch call one of the predefined programs and ad sounds etc

This way I could have my 4 wall switches do many more things than just controlling this 1 dimmer output …

Can this be done?