Fibaro RGBW to switch Fan controller


I am at the moment out walking on thin ice but I just need to try this.:rofl:

Want to control this fan controller in HA using Z-wave.
It´s a 12v system but I managed to burn 1 Fibaro RGBW when I put +12v in 12vDC and -12v in GND of the Fibaro unit. Ooops
Will below be possible?
The W1 switch decrease speed on fan.
The W2 switch increase speed on fan.
The controller is then alternating rotation direction of the fan every 60sek.

I want Fibaro RGBW to be able to switch W1 and W2 on/off.

Ok… I measured the cables and got the Fibaro RGBW to show in HA.
The red/grey is 3v and when connected to black (GND) this steps up(red)/down(grey) the fan modes of the Lunos controller board.

My questions are… how to connect these wires and how to setup the RGBW to work as switch.

Any suggestions is really appreciated:upside_down_face:

@Onslope, glad to see someone else wanting to automate their LUNOS fans. I started working on a “native” Home Assistant integration that works with any Home Assistant controllable relays connected the LUNOS Universal Controller (5/UNI).

In my case, I am making it work with a 12V ESP8266 based WiFi relay flashed with Sonoff and MQTT (a LC Technology WiFi Relay 4X).

I’m overloaded with work/holidays/projects right now, so it may take me some time to complete, but I’ll post when it is available.

You can find an alpha version of my LUNOS integration here:

AS-IS, no warranties expressed or implied :wink: There are still known bugs.

Nice solution and integration!
Will check it out!

Posting a “raw” setup below for the fans.

I found the solution and it was easier to solve than expected.
Just se my connection below with the Fibaro RGBW Led.
I made some automations that mirrors the commanded inputs in the manual. Worked great for about 4 months.

I use mine with the wall switch.

Remember to program the LUNOS unit for the switch.
In manual:


I also looked into Fan Control (air regulation with in and out control)

I tested Lunos e2 60 and Helios 45-160 EC.

Both have 3 wire (same phoenix plug): 12V L+; GND; PWM
Both have a ebm-pabst fan with different sub-model: Vario Pro 4412: Lunso 4412 FGMAR, Helios 4412 FGPR.

You can connect the Helios PWM Singal straigt to a LED output of Fibaro to control. :fireworks:
You have to set Brightness 100% and for the concerning RGBW output: 0…66% is OUT flow; 67…100% is IN flow of the fan

With Lunos, you have to use the shitty Lunos controller in between.
I set it to work with push-buttons (so you can have several controls in the house to one controller).
But changing from push to toggle switch comes after each power loss and you have to change again (5s press of the rocker).

I will ask ebm-papst, how to connect the “Lunos” fan directly to PWM of an RGB controller.