Fibaro Roller Shutter 3: can move it down, but not up

I’ve integrated a Fibaro Roller Shutter, all entities are recognized in HA. When push the down arrow on the cover.rollershuttername entity, it goes down. When I click stop, it stops. But the up arrow remains grayed out and can’t be pressed.
There’s also another cover.rollershuttername (2) entity, with only the up arrow clickable and down arrow grayed out. Not sure why there are 2 entities? When I click on this up arrow, the roller shades don’t go up.

I’m a bit stumped on these 2 topics why I can’t move them up, and why there are 2 entities for the same cover topic.

i have same issue, shutter is not allowed to go up after going down and pressing stop. button is grey.

the second cover is for sluts opening/closing.

i think I see where the problem is. When I press the up/down button and stop the movement, the position attribute doesn’t change. So when i start with position 100 (blinds are up, so up button is gray), then press down button and later stop, position is still 100 and hass/gui thinks, that blinds are up and button stays gray

ah yeah that would make sense, guess I can deactivate those entities then. Do you have any idea what the binary switch entities are for this device?

also yeah that would make sense if the position is not changing and the roller shutter still thinks it’s 100% up that it would deactivate the up arrow. but how to fix that then?

here is an interesting post: Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 (FGR-223) - cannot get it to work properly - #140 by Piqu

ok, i reinterviewed all roller shutters and that helped.

Try changing parameter 150 to Force Callibration. it will then send the roller blind up / down and the status of that parameter will then change to Device is Callibrated.