Fibaro Roller Shutter and wrong enttiy


my name is Dennis and i come from Germany. Therefore sorry for my english.
I allready post my problem in a German forum, but they can’t help.

I installed the following:
HA Version: 2024.4.3 on a Raspberry 4 with a Zwave stick 700 from Aeotec. And i use a long USB cable for the stick

Then i installed ZWave JS UI and the i installed all my Zwave devices.
Most of the are Fibaro Roller Shutter 2

My problem:
I created some automations to close or open the roller shutters. They work perfectly but in the respective entity i can see wrong values.

Today in the morning my automation “open all roller shutters” started at 7 am
All roller shutters are open. But in the developer tools i can see a wrong current_position entity (as you can see on the picture)

The problem is, that my dashboard shows wrong graphics. (see picture)
If i push the open button in dashboard again, the graphic will be correct and the entity shows current_position: 99

Any idea to fix this problem?

Thank you very much.
Best Dennis

Can noone help or do i have to explain my problem more detailed?