FIBARO Roller Shutter appears twice in Z-Wave integrations

I added one Fibaro Robber Shutter (FGR 223), and the node it added successfully. It appears - as expected - just once if I go to Configuration - Z-Wave - Nodes.

However, when looking at Integrations - Z-Wave, the “FIBARO System FGRM223 Roller Shutter Controller 3” has been added twice.

  • One instance is connected to my “AEON Labs ZW090 Z-Stick Gen5 EU”. This one has also one zwave entity, 2 cover entities, and 8 entities
  • The second instance is added to “FIBARO System FGRM223 Roller Shutter Controller 3”. This one has only the 8 sensor entities, the same as above only with a _2 suffix.

Is this behavior on purpose? Or is it safe to remove the second instance, and hence removing the 8 sensor entities ending on _2?

Never mind, I added another FGR 223, same behavior, so I reckon it is by design. Now it’s a matter of understanding it :wink:


I’ve just added 17 FGR 223 and I have the same behaviour : I have 34 devices, all have been created twice. I can confirm it in the core.device_registry.
For each roller shutter the first device 11 entities, the second one only has 8 entities.

Can I safely remove those 17 duplicated devices ? :slight_smile:


It’s normal. These are multi-channel devices. HA creates a Device for each instance (endpoint). According to the PDF manual:

  • Endpoint 1 represents switch connected to the S1 terminal.
  • Endpoint 2 represents switch connected to the S2 terminal.
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According to the PDF manual, endpoint 1 supports command classes METER and NOTIFICATION, while endpoint 2 does not. This means endpoint 1 will have additional power and notification sensors.

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That makes sense !
Thanks. :slight_smile: