Fibaro sensor shows battery_level > 100

I’ve got a Fibaro FGK-101 door/window sensor. I successfully managed to show the entity attribute “battery_level” as a “sensor” in Home Assistant and created automations to notify me when battery is low a few days ago.
Battery level showed 99 as value. However today it shows 113. I thought this should be a number between 0 and 100 [%]. Anyone else here who had this issue (or found some hints on the meaning of the value - I was not able to find anything useful) ?

Or am I possibly doing something wrong? It is not only the HA “sensor” that shows this value, its also the same value when looking to the entity attribute by using the developer tools.

Having the same issue with smoke detector FGSD002 running thru Aeotec Z-stick.

First post from 2018? Still no solution on this?

Actually more seems like it’s a issue with fibaro smoke detector itself and not home assistant. Don’t think I still have 100% after 1-2 years.

Screenshot 2021-11-27 at 15.11.29

Looks like that may be an issue with Fibaro devices in general. The first FGMS001 motion sensor I bought in December 2019 is still at 100% battery, after about 2 years. I mean two years (and going !) on a single battery is really good, so I won’t complain. But 100% seems overly optimistic.