Fibaro Smart module FGS 214 single switch

Hello everyone,
ive just started last month with home assistant and all i can say… where were you all my life!

well i do have a small problem, maybe someone had this issue before. i believe someone did, and he found a solution with open zwave? but there was no follow up

my problem is that ive connected the module to a normal single light switch, and its working but i do have to press the button twice (up and down ) to turn on the light, and then to turn of the same steps. up and down. I believe i have to change the parameters of the module, but here on home assistant we cant. did anyone ever had an issue with this, and could help me? i have bought 10 of these modules… and i dont know what to do…~
thanks for the help.

Have you looked at this post that discusses setting Z-Wave parameters via a script? That might work. I’ve never tried it but have read that the built-in parameter changing can be problematic.

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thank you. i am going to check. i have found another post about chancing the scenes. i am going home now and continue my findings! thank you so much