Fibaro Smoke Sensor constant smoke alarm

Hi! I have two Fibaro Smoke Sensors FGSD002, one downstairs and one upstairs. The one upstairs is constantly saying it is detecting smoke. I have set the sensitivity to low and removed the batteries for a restart but it keeps sending the alarm signal in HA.
I am running HA (core-2021.10.0) on a Raspberry PI with AEON Labs Z-Stick Gen5. Having ZwaveJS via MQTT.
We have had other normal smoke sensors go off from time to time upstairs and it might be the humid air in the summer. But the Fibaro sensor steadily says it detects smoke regardless of season. I live in Sweden so no tropical heat I can report.

Has anybody had the same issue and figured out a solution? I have just created a ticket on the Fibaro support site.

I have had this same issue. I never found the exact reason but removing it from the Z-wave network and adding it again did the job.

Thanks, it worked instantly!