Fibaro Smoke Sensor

I’m having issues understanding what values on the Fibaro Smoke Sensor ( to monitor for a smoke-alarm There are a lot of sensor values and i don’t quite get it what values on the sensors trigger the alarm.

Did you get any further?

I also have three FGSD002 Fibaro smoke sensors and they give these sensors:

binary_sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_sensor_2_0     off     battery_level: 100
sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_alarm_level_2_1       0       battery_level: 100
sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_alarm_type_2_0        0       battery_level: 100
sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_burglar_2_10  254     battery_level: 100
sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_general_2_0   0       battery_level: 100
sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_heat_2_4      0       battery_level: 100
sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_heat_2_7      254     battery_level: 100
sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_power_management_2_11 254     battery_level: 100
sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_smoke_2_1     0       battery_level: 100
sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_smoke_2_4     254     battery_level: 100
sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_sourcenodeid_2_2      0       battery_level: 100
sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_system_2_12   1       battery_level: 100
sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_temperature_2_1       20.8    battery_level: 100

It would be nice to get a good description what each setting means and what are the possible values are so we can write good triggers for smoke/heat alarm detection and reduce any false positives.

Anybody figured it out?

I did some more digging within the OZW control panel software in Domoticz…

When checking the configuration I see this:

11. BASIC ON frame value: 255

BASIC ON frame is sent in case of smoke presence detection and FIRE ALARM triggering. Available settings: (1 - 99) or 255. Default setting: 255

I guess this is the entry I would need to check on.

But how does this relate to the sensors Home-Assistant sees?

Any updates on this? Looking for a smoke sensor and wonder if this one will suffice

I have the same sensor I do this with` state 2 is for smoke ik have test it with an sigaret. If you test this with the test botton on smoke dector then isn,t work. Then you see in the ozw log event 3

sorry for my bad english

`- alias: Smoke Sensor intreehal SMOKE
platform: state
entity_id: sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_sensor_smoke_5_4
state: ‘2’
- service: notify.pushover
title: 'Fibaro Smoke Sensor: ’
message: ‘******* Rookmelder intreehal gaat af
- service: notify.smtp
title: 'Fibaro Smoke Sensor: ’
message: ’
Rookmelder intreehal gaat af *******’
- service: homeassistant.turn_on
entity_id: input_boolean.noodverlichting``

You also can see this in Home Assistant developer tools ,states, Trigger your smoke alarm with smoke. Then you see the state change in nummer 2

Has someone figured out the reason for the burglar state (sensor.fibaro_system_fgsd002_smoke_burglar, default state = 254) not changing when the lid is taken off?

When pressing the lid button (under the cover), the OZW Log shows nothing.
(Hassio 0.60.1 - RPi3)

Is it Hassio or the Aeon Labs Z-Stick Gen5 which fails?

Neither, if anything at all it would be Home Assistants implementation of z-wave. The Gen5 stick or Hassio dont impact the implementation at all.

I think the answer to the lid issue are solved with this (I have not tried it):

“If the opening/closing lid automation doesn’t work for you (so the value in the entities page doesn’t change to 3) then you might want to try to change the Notification configuration of the sensor itself.
So open the zwave configuration of this node and look for the “2: Z-Wave notification status.”
Set that to “all notifications enabled” and click on set config. It may take a while before it’s actually send to the device. This was also mentioned somewhere earlier in this thread.”