Fibaro themostatic controller

I am running 2021.9.1, and have been adding a number of zwave devices, with very mixed results.

The ZWave-JS inclusion (and exclusion) often ends without reporting any success, some anonymous device is often added that resolves itself, with entities, several minutes later.

The Fibaro thermostat is creating very strange results. I added 5, most have attached temperature sensors. The lovelace UI temperature wheel contains no temperature, in 4 out of the 5 cases. In one case it shows a temperature, but it is one of the cases where there is no temperature sensor attached.

The out of the box UI doesnt work well with these devices, turning on and off is not obvious, but that can be tuned I guess. Also despite all the devices are identical, some UI shows the snowflake option for cooling, others not. Very strange.

Seems some issues here, but the overall experience is good.