Fibaro TRV manual mode


  • I have a Fibaro radiator thermostat
  • I have an automation which refreshes the temperature on the dashboard on events
    but for the scenario desribed below :zwave.refresh_entity / .node seem to have no effect:
    I change the temperature from the TRV manually (on the actual valve)=> dashboard and preset mode is updated
    timer expires on the valve => hashboard and hassio preset mode is not updated
    I am unsure if an event is sent
    I was thinking to refresh node / entity using a timer => seems that code is working with refresh node but dashboard preset mode is not updated.

Of course on restart of Hassio all is updated

I have found the following workaround and I hope it will not consume the battery.

I went to Zwave settings and on entities of the node , on the system I have set polling to 60 ( minutes) and now is refreshing.