Fibaro Z-wave motion sensor (the "eye") false triggers

I have one Fibaro motion sensor that very often makes false triggers. I can’t seem to find out why - often it is as soon as there is no motion that it then immediately switches on again.

Anyone else who has had that problem and solved it? I have tried to make it less sensitive, but that apparently doesn’t help.

I have four of them and never had this issue. Is it possible, that your setup somehow needs a check?

I think of two possibilities:

Wrong automation setup - need to see your code for that
Accidentally also triggering on change of light intensity.

I have 3 of them, and only one of them has this behavior - to of them is running on the exact same logic, so it shouldn’t be the code.

I have also thought about the light intensity change, but I don’t think that can explain it every time.